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As Mother Angelica never tires
of saying, the history of EWTN
“isn’t what we’ve done, it’s how
we’ve done it.”



About EWTN!



EWTN'S amazing history
What do you do with $200, a garage, and a passionate desire to spread the message of Christ throughout the world?


That's what Mother Angelica did when she took Christ's commandment to heart. It all began in 1981 when, defying logic, she stepped out in faith and transformmed the garage of her Poor Clare monastery in Irondale, Alabama into a television studio - the unlikely beginnings of the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN). Through God's Divine Providence and the generous supporters of EWTN's apostolic work with their prayers and donations, that humble beginning of 1981 has become.


Start a media network.
The world's largest Catholic media network, reaching more than 123 million homes in 144 countries and territories worldwide.


Mother Angelica admits that building a network was never in her plans, but she says,"...since its founding, the Network's mission has been to spread the 'Eternal World,' and to teach others that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life." Using all facets of modern media, including television, radio, the Internet and publishing, EWTN reaches the entire globe with message of the Gospel. EWTN is the one and only Global Catholic Network.


Our Mission
EWTN Global Catholic Network is dedicated to teaching the truth as defined by teh Magisterium of the Roam Catholic Church. In keeping with the Holy Father's call for a New Evangelization, EWTN's mission is to communicate the teachings and the beauty of the Catholic Church and to help people grow in their love and understanding of God and His infinite mercy.
began in 1981 when Mother Mary Angelica took a small garage-turned-studio and began transmitting four hours each day to 60,000 homes in the United States. Since then, EWTN has grown exponentially in its variety of media choices by providing 24-hour television and radio programming as well as Internet resources internationally. We offer daily Mass, devotionals, global Catholic news, documentaries, dramas, music, LIVE call-in talk shows, young adult & children's shows, church & papal event coverage as well as Spanish programming.


For more detailed information on how to receive EWTN as well as more information on our media apostolates in the United States, please visit EWTN's informational website.

For questions about EWTN programming or services, please contact our Viewer Services Department at 205-271-2900 or email

The Incredible Story of EWTN


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EWTN's rich history and inspiring story began in a garage-turned-studio in 1981 through the faith and dedication of Mother Mary Angelica. Since then, EWTN has become the largest Catholic Media Network in the world.